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    if you come in for at least one service a month then the goin’ steady plan is a match made in heaven. you’ll score 1 freebie service + 10% off all other services. that gel mani and removal you always get? you’ll save some big ones. a full leg wax for your upcoming vacay? you’ll save on that too! more than two services a month? you’ll want the all in. you’ll get two free services + 10% off all other services and 10% off retail. wanna keep it casual? no prob! this plan get x.club members 10% off products and services! are you living #LifeOnLaser and want to save on your laser services? need to restock on your go-to beauty products (we def carry the best of the best) with this plan you’ll save 10% on both and still get in on our perks and promos.