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  • Chungchun Rice Dog

    Chungchun Rice Dog is a massive Korean chain that specializes in one thing: Korean-style hotdogs. Founded in 2017, Chungchun Rice Dog opened its first location in Seoul, South Korea. Unlike traditional flour-based batter, we add a flour made from glutenous rice, which makes our hotdogs deliciously soft and chewy. The batter is made fresh every morning. The batter-dipped sticks are coated with optional toppings, from diced potato to breadcrumbs, and freshly fried on the spot.


    Why is it named Bermuda? Because all paninies served are amazing tasty triangles! At Bermuda, there is a focus on high-quality foods and excellent services.

    Thai Express

    It all starts with fresh, delicious ingredients. Specializing in traditional Thai recipes, but with a sprinkle of enough new-world creativity to keep you on your toes. And because the focus is on fresh, vibrant food, you can feel good about meals that taste great.

    Kibo Sushi House

    Kibo Sushi House specializes in Japanese cuisines and has a sushi bar for an authentic Japanese dine-in experience. Offering a variety of fresh sashimi, sushi pizza, tempura and more. Attached to the restaurant, Kibo Sushi House has a market featuring many popular Japanese and Korean snacks.

    Tim Hortons

    Come to Tim Hortons and visit today for a cup of legendary coffee with your choice of donuts. Their menu also includes muffins, cookies, soup, sandwiches, bagels, wraps and a host of other delicious beverages.

    New York Fries

    New York Fries specializes in fresh cut french fries, premium poutines and delicious hot dogs. A variety of seasonings, dips and sauces are available to compliment the fries and hot dogs. Vegetarian, gluten tree and vegan menu options are available.

    Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

    Forty years ago in New Orleans, Louisiana, a taste sensation was born named for Popeye Doyle of the French Connection. What began with one small restaurant and one big idea turned into a craze that swept the nation—and the world.


    Home of the Burger Family. Join us for a Teen Burger, Onion Rings and our World Famous A&W Root Beer!

    Szechuan Express

    Aiming to provide the best in wok-style Chinese cuisine. Using fresh ingredients daily, the kitchen prepares classic Chinese favourites. Offering craft-your-own-meal from its abundant steam-table, and made to order stir-fry and noodle soup.

    Jimmy the Greek

    Offering a wide variety of delicious Greek dishes like gyros, roasted lamb, souvlaki, authentic Greek salad, and world famous roast potatoes! Come experience Greece at Jimmy’s. Opa!