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  • Blooming Cotton Candy

    Experience the fun, irresistible, cute, eye-catching designs of cotton candy.

    Ramona’s Kitchen

    Experience the industrial, rustic dining space of Ramona’s Kitchen. Offering all day dinning and take-out that balances comfort and sophistication with a chef driven menu rooted in quality and freshness.

    Mango Like Desserts

    Mango Like Desserts is a mango inspired cafe. All our desserts are made with fresh fruits, handcrafted by our executive chef and founder Ida Su. At Mango Like Desserts, you will be able to find all kinds of Mango inspired dishes from around the world, including the Thai-inspired mango sticky rice.

    Chungchun Rice Dog

    Chungchun Rice Dog is a massive Korean chain that specializes in one thing: Korean-style hotdogs. Founded in 2017, Chungchun Rice Dog opened its first location in Seoul, South Korea. Unlike traditional flour-based batter, we add a flour made from glutenous rice, which makes our hotdogs deliciously soft and chewy. The batter is made fresh every morning. The batter-dipped sticks are coated with optional toppings, from diced potato to breadcrumbs, and freshly fried on the spot.

    Kibo Sushi House

    Kibo Sushi House specializes in Japanese cuisines and has a sushi bar for an authentic Japanese dine-in experience. Offering a variety of fresh sashimi, sushi pizza, tempura and more. Attached to the restaurant, Kibo Sushi House has a market featuring many popular Japanese and Korean snacks.


    Hattendo was founded in Minatomachi in Mihara, Hiroshima in 1933. The concept is for customers to enjoy the ultimate melt-in-the-mouth product provided by Hattendo casually, but in a slightly luxurious way. We want to produce a “space” where people will not just eat, but will experience for themselves the happiness and pleasure of creating, a space that will stimulate the five senses.

    Danish Pastry House

    The Danish Pastry House serving authentic Danish Pastries and desserts to our customers in Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Brampton and Peel Region.

    Freshly Squeezed

    Enjoy a variety of pure fruit juices from around the world – like fresh mango, kiwi, coconut, strawberry and four-berry juices. With an expanded menu to include a full line of smoothies, bubble teas, and matcha teas, customers are dazzled with great tasting drinks, served in a fun and exciting environment by knowledgeable and friendly staff.


    Tasty handcrafted Palettas with multiple flavours to choose from!

    Saint Germain Bakery

    Saint Germain Bakery offers quality cakes and pastries.